Sentence Examples

  • Westlake plugged forward, his nose nearly at the windshield, which was spider-webbed with nicks and cracks, as the old car crawled higher.
  • In some polyps the tentacles are webbed at the base, and it was supposed that a medusa was a polyp of this kind set free, the umbrella being a greatly developed web or membrane extending between the tentacles.
  • Order Colymbiformes.-Plantigrade, nidifugous, aquatic. All toes webbed, fourth largest, hallux short; metatarsus laterally compressed; tibia with high, pyramidal crest.
  • Steganopodes.- Well flying, aquatic, nidicolous; with all the four toes webbed together.
  • Front toes completely webbed; hallux very short or absent; feed chiefly on small aquatic invertebrates.

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