Sentence Examples

  • With a waterproof monitor, you can actually hang the unit in your shower, or at the very least, keep it on a nearby sink or shelf where it will still be protected from by its water-resistant manufacturing.
  • Furthermore, while raincoats are constructed from waterproof or water-resistant fabrics, trenches are made from a vast array of fabrics ranging from wool and wool blends to shiny, metallic textiles.
  • These shuttles are often made out of a soft water-resistant material like neoprene, so if any bottle caps should come undone in your backpack, the laptop is still safe and adequately protected.
  • Be sure to start each look with a flawless face by using MAC Face and Body Foundation, a water-based and water-resistant long wearing foundation in a shade appropriate for your skin tone.
  • Well, although water is not the prime environment for your Ugg boots, a water-resistant spray sealant is available for you to apply to your Uggs, making them useful for rainy conditions.