Sentence Examples

  • The feminine "vixen" represents the O.
  • After a gestation of from 60 to 65 days, the vixen during the month of April gives birth to cubs, of which from five to eight usually go to form a litter.
  • In the care and defence of her young the vixen displays extraordinary solicitude and boldness, altogether losing on such occasions her accustomed timidity and caution.
  • He was a party to the publication of the " Portfolio " in 1834, and to the mission of the " Vixen " to force the blockade of Circassia about the same time.
  • Apart from some southern dialect forms which have found their way into the literary language, as vat (for fat or wine fat which still survives in the English Bible) and vixen the feminine of fox, all the words in English which begin with V are of foreign, and most of Latin origin.