Sentence Examples

  • The most singular, and probably the loftiest, lake in the Alps is the ever-frozen tarn that forms the summit of the Roccia Viva (11,976 ft.) in the Eastern Graians.
  • The supreme court consists of a chief justice and three associates, elected by a joint viva voce vote of the General Assembly for a term of eight years.
  • The importance of a study of the changes of the vis viva depending on squares of velocities, or what is now called the "kinetic energy" of a system, was recognized in Newton's time, especially by Leibnitz; and it was perceived (at any rate for special cases) that an increase in this quantity in the course of any motion of the system was otherwise expressible by what we now call the "work" done by the forces.
  • Appointed him regent in July 1827 and in February 1828 he landed in Lisbon, where he was received with cries of " Viva D.
  • On the 23rd of July the two Bandieras and their nine companions were executed; they cried Viva l'Italia!

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