Sentence Examples

  • We may easily satisfy ourselves that, in every instance in which the sensation of sound is excited, the body whence the sound proceeds must have been thrown, by a blow or other means, into a state of agitation or tremor, implying the existence of a vibratory motion, or motion to and fro, of the particles of which it consists.
  • A ray of light is reflected from this mirror and from another mirror which is rocked by a small motor driven off the same circuit, so that the ray has two vibratory motions imparted to it at right angles, one a simple harmonic motion and the other a motion imitating the variation of the current or electromotive force under test.
  • Hence one or both of the shafts must have a vibratory and unsteady motion, injurious to the mechanism and framework.
  • The effect of forces of this type on small vibratory motions may be investigated as follows.
  • If a style projecting from this pendulum rests upon say the smoked surface of a glass plate fixed to the ground, the vibratory motion of the ground will be recorded on the glass plate as a set of superimposed vibrations.

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