Sentence Examples

  • They occur in vertebrate animals throughout the globe, though varying in abundance in different districts and at different times.
  • The minute gradations observed by Hyatt, Waagen and all invertebrate palaeontologists, in the hard parts (shells) of molluscs, &c., are analogous to the equally minute gradations observed by vertebrate palaeontologists in the hard parts of reptiles and mammals.
  • Smith Woodward's Outlines of Vertebrate Palaeontology (Cambridge, 1898).
  • Vertebrate host, Athene noctua, Little Owl; invertebrate host, Culex pipiens.
  • In 1883-1886 Bateson showed by his embryological researches that the Enteropneusta exhibit chordate (vertebrate) affinities in respect of the coelomic, skeletal and nervous systems as well as in regard to the respiratory system, and, further, that the gill-slits are formed upon a plan similar to that of the gillslits of Amphioxus, being subdivided by tongue-bars which depend from the dorsal borders of the slits.

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