Sentence Examples

  • Xx' = Q.JJ' (31) JJ _ g o _ lb-a' la_I a-b a' 11n xx' Q L Va - a' b Va-a' b j ' (32) giving the contraction of the jet compared with the initial breadth of the stream.
  • Va/paraiso 8.
  • Nb Va Vb FIG.
  • Many aphides, &c., puncture the leaves, suck out the sap, and induce va:ious local deformations, arrest of growth, pustular swellings, &c., and if numerous all the evils of defoliation may follow.
  • ==Pagan Analogues== In ancient states common meals called sussitia (o - va - o - LTia) were instituted, particularly in the Doric states, e.g.