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  • He was not deterred by the fear of ridicule or the reproach of Utopianism from associating himself openly, and with all the ardour of his nature, with the peace party in England.
  • He was strongly opposed to the prevailing French socialism of his time because of its utopianism and immorality; and, though he uttered all manner of wild paradox and vehement invective against the dominant ideas and institutions, he was remarkably free from feelings of personal hate.
  • His affinity also with the unique textures and radical utopianism of Messiaen is no accident.
  • Implications Too much of the debate about the Internet is based on naive utopianism or paranoid pessimism.
  • In an ideal world January 6: As the Fabian Society marks its birthday, Sunder Katwala celebrates 120 years of practical utopianism.

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