Sentence Examples

  • Recently upheaved from the sea were spread at low levels with alternate inundations of salt and fresh water.
  • To the south-east of the lake is the Monte Nuovo, a volcanic hill upheaved in 1538, with a deep extinct crater in the centre.
  • From this point a zone of upheaved coral rocks skirts the shore for some distance.
  • The Hindu Kush is, in fact, but the face of a great upheaved mass of plateau-land lying beyond it northwards, just as the Himalaya forms the southern face of the great central tableland of Tibet, and its general physiography, exhibiting long, narrow, lateral valleys and transverse lines of "antecedent" drainage, is XIII.
  • The entire island is an old coral reef upheaved 200 ft., honeycombed with caves and seamed with fissures.

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