Sentence Examples

  • His father, who was descended from an old untitled noble family and possessed a small estate, was by profession an advocate.
  • It was formally agreed in cabinet meeting that" when brought together in society, all are perfectly equal, whether foreign or domestic, titled or untitled, in or out of office."Thus diplomatic grades were ignored in social precedence and foreign relations were seriously compromised by dinner-table complications.
  • But even now the cadets of the reigning family can only by royal intervention legally be saved from merging, as of old, in the general untitled mass of the people.
  • A Russian prince, who may be only the cadet of a family not included in the Almanach de Gotha, given precedence as such over the untitled members of a great English ducal family, and treated with some of that exaggerated deference paid to " royalty.
  • Rowland's second son, Sir Robert Berkeley, the king's bench justice who supported the imposition of ship-money, was ancestor of the Berkeleys of Spetchley, now the only branch of the house among untitled squires.