Sentence Examples

  • They even had a version of bread; it was unleavened and came in large, round, flat ears.
  • I made a study of the ancient and indispensable art of bread-making, consulting such authorities as offered, going back to the primitive days and first invention of the unleavened kind, when from the wildness of nuts and meats men first reached the mildness and refinement of this diet, and travelling gradually down in my studies through that accidental souring of the dough which, it is supposed, taught the leavening process, and through the various fermentations thereafter, till I came to "good, sweet, wholesome bread," the staff of life.
  • There are traditional bakeries where large flat loaves of delicious unleavened bread are baked to order inside a domed oven called tandoor.
  • Matzo meal This is a Jewish unleavened Passover bread which has been ground down into crumbs.
  • Unleavened bread Fish and honeycomb Locusts and milk Roast lamb 16: Which apostle baptized the Ethiopian eunuch?

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