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  • It was joined to Texel by a sand-dike in 1629-1630, and is now undistinguishable from the main island.
  • Ostriches, undistinguishable from Struthio, have been found in Samos and in the Sivalik Hills.
  • There is no proof of their having lived in the Oligocene epoch, but in deposits of Miocene and Pliocene date remains undistinguishable generically and perhaps specifically from the modern tapirs (though named priscus, T.
  • For some purposes it is preferable to retain the circular measure, i radians, as being undistinguishable from sin i and tan i when i is small as in direct fire.
  • In direct fire the pseudo-velocities U and u, and the real velocities V and v, are undistinguishable, and sec n may be replaced by unity so that, putting y =o in (79), (88) tan 4) = C [I (V) - y-s] Also (89) tan 4 - tan S=C [I(V) - L(v)] so that (9 °) tan 1 3=C [1 -s.

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