Sentence Examples

  • In direct fire the pseudo-velocities U and u, and the real velocities V and v, are undistinguishable, and sec n may be replaced by unity so that, putting y =o in (79), (88) tan 4) = C [I (V) - y-s] Also (89) tan 4 - tan S=C [I(V) - L(v)] so that (9 °) tan 1 3=C [1 -s.
  • There is no proof of their having lived in the Oligocene epoch, but in deposits of Miocene and Pliocene date remains undistinguishable generically and perhaps specifically from the modern tapirs (though named priscus, T.
  • Now, Kant and his followers start from this second and narrower meaning, and usually narrow it still more by assuming that what appears to the senses is as mental as the sensation, being undistinguishable from it or from the idea of it, and that an appearance is a mental idea(Vorstellung) of sense; and then they conclude that we can know by inference nothing but such mental appearances, actual and possible, and therefore nothing beyond sensory experience.
  • Reimarus was wholly undistinguishable from dogmatic deism, and was undoubtedly to a great extent adopted by Lessing; while, in the case of the historico-critical school to which J.
  • It is by this time mere vegetable mould and undistinguishable pond shore, through which rushes and flags have pushed up.

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