Sentence Examples

  • Tween certain limits of temperature.
  • 3.-[[Gold Signet From Acropolis Tween Lions, On A Lentoid Treasure, Mycenae, Showing The God Gem From Kydonia, Crete.
  • Sluices were arranged to slide be tween the wheel and casing, and by their means the range of action could be varied from 300 H.P. at 120 revs.
  • Though, as we have seen in § 19, steel is rarely given a carbon tween 3 and 4% of carbon, the usual FIG.
  • The same occurs in the verticillate arrangement, the leaves of each whorl rarely being super- posed on those of the whorl next it, but usually alterna ting so that each leaf in a whorl occupies the space be tween two leaves of the whorl next to it.