Sentence Examples

  • What frontier was adopted after Agricola's departure, whether Tweed or Cheviot or other, is unknown.
  • Parramatta was one of the earliest seats of the tweed manufacture, but its principal industrial dependence has been on the fruit trade.
  • The areas occupied by Carboniferous rocks are almost entirely restricted to the Central Plain or Lowlands, but they are also found skirting the Southern Uplands from the mouth of the Tweed to that of the Nith.
  • In1875-1882he was corporation counsel of New York, and as such brought about a codification of the laws relating to the city, and successfully contested a large part of certain claims, largely fraudulent, against the city, amounting to about $20,000,000, and a heritage from the Tweed regime.
  • Tweed and members of the "Tweed Ring," and published Peculation Triumphant, Being the Record of a Five Years' Campaign against Official Malversation, A.D.