Sentence Examples

  • The truncated tetrahedron is formed by truncating the vertices of a regular tetrahedron so as to leave the original faces hexagons.
  • The buildings stand upon raised terraces, or upon truncated pyramids, approached by broad stairways, usually of cut stone.
  • The mensuration of the cube, and its relations to other geometrical solids are treated in the article Polyhedron; in the same article are treated the Archimedean solids, the truncated and snubcube; reference should be made to the article Crystallography for its significance as a crystal form.
  • The truncated cube is formed in the same manner as the cuboctahedron, but the truncation is only carried far enough to leave the original faces octagons.
  • The leg (1) has the form of a truncated cone, the broad end of which is attached to (After Balfour.) (After Balfour.) FIG.