Sentence Examples

  • This is one of the Platonic solids, and is treated in the article Polyhedron, as is also the derived Archimedean solid named the "truncated tetrahedron"; in addition, the regular tetrahedron has important crystallographic relations, being the hemihedral form of the regular octahedron and consequently a form of the cubic system.
  • We suggest that the apparently anomalous observation of truncated lozenges may be due to the presence of the growth rate minimum.
  • Note that the the survival distribution is a truncated Weibull for censored observations as discussed in the mice example.
  • Fixed an issue in which thermal ellipsoid plots containing custom atom colors became truncated during on-screen rotation.
  • If val has more fractional digits than can be represented in the DynFixed, fractional digits are truncated and the return value is false.

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