Sentence Examples

  • In his 5th symphony he introduced 3 trombones and extended both the upper and lower extremes of the windband by a piccolo and a double bassoon.
  • (A project of Wagner's which instrumentmakers found impracticable, so that Wagner had to content himself with a kind of valve trombone shaped like a trumpet.) 3 trombones and i double-bass trombone.
  • Heinrich Schiitz's Lamentatio Davidi is written for a bass voice accompanied by four trombones and organ.
  • Mozart imports from church music 3 trombones for special passages in his operas.
  • Trombones often played with the three lower voices, a practice of high antiquity surviving from a time when there were soprano trombones or cornetti (Zincken, a sort of treble serpent) to play with the sopranos.