Sentence Examples

  • According to Suidas, Phrynichus first introduced female characters on the stage (played by men in masks), and made special use of the trochaic tetrameter.
  • Twenty-six trochaic tetrameters, De qualitate vitae, and five graceful hexameters, De rosis, are also attributed to him.
  • This tendency shows itself most in the third foot, the favourite caesura being the trochaic, i.e.
  • The metres employed by Epicharmus were iambic trimeter, and especially trochaic and anapaestic tetrameter.
  • Other investigators had shown that Cicero's clausulae are generally variations of some three or four forms in which the rhythm is trochaic. Dr Thaddaeus Zielinski of St Petersburg, after examining all the clausulae in Cicero's speeches, finds that they are governed by a law.

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