Sentence Examples

  • Limosugae - Numenius, Scolopax, Tringa, Charadrius, Recurvirostra.
  • Genera: (a) Phoenicopterus, Platalea, Palamedea, Mycteria, Tantalus, Ardea, Recurvirostra, Scolopax, Tringa, Fulica, Parra,: Rallus, Psophia, Cancroma; (b) Hematopus, Charadrius, Otis, Struthio.
  • In many respects this species, the Tringa pugnax of Linnaeus and the Machetes pugnax of modern ornithologists, is one of the most singular in existence.
  • Hledpewince= " one who turns about in running or flight"), i a bird, the Tringa vanellus of Linnaeus and the Vanellus vulgaris or V.
  • Willughby in 1676 it was the name given by Yorkshiremen to the bird popularly known in England as the " Summer-Snipe," - the Tringa hypoleucos of Linnaeus and the Totanus hypoleucos of later writers, - but probably even in Willughby's time the name was of much wider signification.