Sentence Examples

  • The tried-and-true auction site is probably the best place to sell your video games. eBay accounts are free, you just sign up with a valid e-mail address from your service provider and you're good to go.
  • This is another place where choices are important: whether or not to try complicated, unfamiliar choreography or stick with the tried-and-true steps your dance team can pick up quickly.
  • Check out list of tried-and-true favorites, determine which will best suit your needs and go forth into summer with the knowledge that your eyes will feel so much better from now on.
  • Capcom continued this tradition by releasing Mega Man 9, which utilizes the same tried-and-true gameplay style, including all sorts of different boss characters and unique weapons.
  • Anyone who's used a product for years and adopted it as a tried-and-true, lifelong favorite knows just how disappointing it is when the product suddenly disappears from stores.

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