Sentence Examples

  • Part of the Agora was laid open to Humann, but his trenches have fallen in.
  • Loftus, who also opened trenches at Susa, as well as by J.
  • Of this line, established in the old British and German trenches of 1917.
  • Finally the parties still in the trenches slipped away, and when dawn broke the Turks, who had first ascertained that something unusual was afoot from the explosion of a vast mine in the Anzac area, and from conflagrations on the beaches where the few stores to be abandoned were being destroyed, discovered that the invaders were gone.
  • Had the Turks kept befitting guard on the night of the 8th-9th, aware as they were that their antagonists contemplated departure, they must have detected that the British trenches had been vacated.