Sentence Examples

  • When the summits of these are worn by mastication their surfaces present circles of dentine surrounded by a border of enamel, and as attrition proceeds different patterns are produced by the union of the bases of the cusps, a trefoil form being characteristic of some species.
  • The temporary includes vetches, pulse, lupine, clover and trifolium; and the perennial, meadow-trefoil, lupinella, sulla (fledysarum coronarium), lucerne and darnel.
  • Where Juncus spp. dominate, marsh bedstraw (Galium palustre) and greater bird's-foot trefoil (Lotus uliginosus) often sprawl among the rushes.
  • Banks of wild flowers - centaury, wild carrot, harebell, bird 's foot trefoil, purging flax and thrift adorn the route.
  • In particular, the reader may want to construct a depth map for something else like a trefoil knot or a fish.

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