Sentence Examples

  • If you are lucky enough to have a Singer treadle and you don't know much about it you can begin your quest for information by identifying the date it was manufactured.
  • Singer still manufactures treadle machines in limited quantities so you can also pick up a new one.Whether you use it as a decorative accessory or actually sew with it, your Singer treadle machine is a wonderful item to own.
  • Since the treadle does work differently than an electric machine you should plan on giving yourself a few days of practice before you get serious about a project.
  • While Singer treadle machines were by far the most popular with consumers, according to Treadle On, the White treadle machine was second in popularity.
  • With their beautiful wood cabinets and cast iron scrollwork, antique treadle sewing machines make beautiful display objects for sewing or craft rooms.