Sentence Examples

  • He leaned across the kitchen, trapping her between his two arms.
  • As many of these beetles are nocturnal, this trapping should take place at night.
  • He could block the hole, but there was no way of knowing if he would be trapping them inside.
  • In the simple arts of broiling and roasting meat, the use of hides and furs for covering, the plaiting of mats and baskets, the devices of hunting, trapping and fishing, the pleasure taken in personal ornament, the touches of artistic decoration on objects of daily use, the savage differs in degree but not in kind from the civilized man.
  • By persistent trapping and shooting, its numbers have now been considerably reduced, with the result, however, of making it exceedingly wary, so that it is not readily caught in any trap with which it has had an opportunity of becoming acquainted.

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