Sentence Examples

  • She covertly accepted the copied transcriptions of the young woman's notebook that Cynthia presented to her.
  • Greek transcriptions of Egyptian names and words are valuable as evidence fOr the vocalization of Egyptian.
  • 25), transcriptions (the first form modified by reference to the etymology) of the Greek Alec-alas, (Mevias, Meador), which in turn represents the Aramaic K,47?
  • Thus the valuable testimony of these dialects may be added to the evidence furnished by foreign transcriptions of Tibetan words, loan words in conterminous languages, and words of common descent in kindred tongues.
  • These transcriptions show by their variety that they were made from the spoken and not from the written forms, and, considering the limited capacities of Chinese orthoepy, were the nearest attempt at rendering the Tibetan sounds.