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  • Readers of Dante know the idea that the dead have no shadows; this was no invention of the poet's but a piece of traditionary lore; at the present day among the Basutos it is held that a man walking by the brink of a river may lose his life if his shadow falls on the water, for a crocodile may seize it and draw him in; in Tasmania, North and South America and classical Europe is found the conception that the soul - o-tab., umbra - is somehow identical with the shadow of a man.
  • When the fair-coloured Aryan immigrants first came in contact with, and drove back or subdued the dark-skinned race that occupied the northern plains - doubtless the ancestors of the modern Dravidian people - the preservation of their racial type and traditionary order of things would naturally become to them a matter of serious concern.
  • James IV., reverting to War wfth the traditionary policy of his ancestors, had taken the Scotland.
  • But their traditionary loyalty had not yet failed, and if he had not called on them ~harIes for fresh exertions, it is possible that the coming reScotland.
  • The traditionary position of the diaconate as one of the "three orders" is here maintained.

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