Sentence Examples

  • Most travel hot spots have a tourism department that offers advice to potential visitors.  In addition to “what to see” tips, you can often find vacation package discounts.
  • The off-season for tourism, late fall through winter, often brings hotel prices down 10 or more euro.  To score significant savings, research hotels in the cities you will be visiting before heading to Europe.
  • Travel Guides: Local and regional travel guides - available through state tourism departments or individual tourism boards - often feature a wide selection of coupons and discounts for theme park and other attractions.
  • This may be due to rising ride maintenance costs, decreasing park attendance, or larger economic issues such as depressions or recessions that limit tourism and keep guests from enjoying a day at the park.
  • The bridge is unfortunately a popular place to commit suicide in the Bay Area, and the city is working toward making the bridge exist solely for transit and tourism purposes, and never to end one's life.