Sentence Examples

  • Tories were active in New Jersey throughout the struggle; among them were bands known as " Pine Robbers," who hid in the pines or along the dunes by day and made their raids at night.
  • The queen's demise was evidently at hand, and the same instinctive good sense which had ranged the nation on the side of the Tories, when Tories alone could terminate a fatiguing war, rendered it Whig when Tories manifestly could not be trusted to maintain the Protestant succession.
  • The reign of the Tories was unquestioned, Yet it was not quite what the reign of the Cavaliers had been in 1660.
  • Yet the opposition of the Tories had not been wholly inspired by the desire to maintain the political predominance of a class.
  • The Tories of the appealed to the dislike of dissenters prevalent amongst ~-~ of the country gentlemen and the country clergy, and Hsnover.

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