Sentence Examples

  • Yet the opposition of the Tories had not been wholly inspired by the desire to maintain the political predominance of a class.
  • The recognition of the Old Pretender asJames III., king~if England, was only a response to the Grand Alliance, but it drew the English Tories into an inevitable war.
  • The Tories of the appealed to the dislike of dissenters prevalent amongst ~-~ of the country gentlemen and the country clergy, and Hsnover.
  • When the House met in August, it was decided by the Liberal Unionists, under Lord Hartington's leadership, that their policy henceforth was essentially to combine with the Tories to keep Mr Gladstone out.
  • He was one of the Boston grand jurors who refused to serve in 1774 because parliament had made the justices independent of the people for their salaries; was a leader in the Boston Tea Party; was one of the thirty North End mechanics who patrolled the streets to watch the movements of the British troops and Tories; and in December 1774 was sent to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to urge the seizure of military stores there, and induced the colonists to attack and capture Fort William and Mary - one of the first acts of military force in the war.

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