Sentence Examples

  • He sat behind a low desk, with a few jottings on slips of paper, or textbooks marked on the margin, before him, and delivered an extemporaneous address, opening up the subject by partial glimpses, and with many anecdotes or familiar illustrations, till a complete idea of it was presented.
  • Hence the word "pharmaco-therapy" has come into use, and most of the newer standard textbooks combine together the consideration of pharmacology and therapeutics.
  • At the present day most textbooks dealing with medicinal agents and treatment devote a large part of their space to pharmacology, and a corresponding change has taken place in the teaching of the subject in universities and medical schools.
  • All children between 7 and 16 are required to attend school, but those over 14 are excused if they labour; every township of more than ro,000 inhabitants must support an evening school for those over 14; and textbooks are provided by the townships for those unable to purchase them.
  • The Mesozoic era, as defined in geological textbooks, includes the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous epochs; but from the point of view of the evolution of plants and the succession of floras, this division is not the most natural or most convenient.

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