Sentence Examples

  • Perkin, junr., in 1883, that ethylene and trimethylene bromides are capable of acting in such a way on sodium acetoacetic ester as to form triand tetramethylene rings.
  • The transition between the two classes as differentiated above may be illustrated by the following cyclic compounds, each of which contains a ring composed of four carbon atoms and one oxygen atom: CH CH/ CH CH/ CH CO I CH CO' CH =CH c Tetramethylene But yrolactone.
  • It melts at 173° C.; and on reduction with sodium in alcoholic solution yields tetramethylene diamine.
  • Tetramethylene diamine (putrescine), NH 2 � (CH2)4.
  • 21-27, and 31), and are diphenyl tetramethylene dicarboxylic acids.

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