Sentence Examples

  • The Terrorists paid a veritable worship to his memory, as to a martyr of Liberty.
  • By the terrorists made a profound impression on his son and successor, and determined Alex- the general character of his rule.
  • The revolutionary terrorists took advantage of the situation to multiply outrages; popular agitation was fomented by a multitude of new journals preaching every kind of extravagant doctrine, now that the censor no The longer dared to act; in December the trouble "union culminated in a formidable rising in Moscow.
  • The of the revolutionary terrorists were countered by the Russian terrorists of the reaction who under the name of People."
  • Many of the furious Terrorists now became quiet and active councillors or administrators, the First Consul adopting the plan of multiplying "places," of overwhelming all officials with work, and of busying the watch-dogs of the Jacobinical party by "throwing them bones to gnaw."

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