Sentence Examples

  • That search for the aim of life had not merely disappeared temporarily--he felt that it no longer existed for him and could not present itself again.
  • He also had little sleep, as much from partying with the temporarily affluent Mrs. Worthington as concern over Martha's cross country flight from the law.
  • Rita would convey the message to Jonathan Winston as well allowing Dean to temporarily duck having to explain to the FBI why he played cowboy and lost the tail instead of getting the plate number.
  • He reconciled free-will and necessity by representing the divine decree not as temporarily antecedent, but as immediately related to the action of the created will.
  • Its northern boundary is the Kuma-Manych depression, a succession of narrow, halfdesiccated lakes and river-beds, only temporarily filled with water and connecting the Manych, a tributary of the Don, with the Kuma, which flows into the Caspian.

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