Sentence Examples

  • Space heaters are available in many shapes and sizes, including compact units that can be placed on a tabletop, short rectangular boxes that are appropriate for large spaces and tall towers designed for use in corners or small areas.
  • Power meetings require a tabletop conference phone that can simultaneously patch in several phone lines and transmit the linked lines to a central speaker providing staff members sitting at the table to hear and participate.
  • Whether you use a standard board with plastic game pieces, an elegant glass game set or a painted tabletop in your backyard with rocks as the checkers, the game is easy to learn and fun to play.
  • If you have a lot of paper, for instance, you might want to consider a paper organizer that sits on a tabletop, or you might need a plastic box that will go under your bed to store these items.
  • Save on Crafts has a surprising amount of helpful information when it comes to arranging silk flowers, from corsages to the eight basic floral arrangements for tabletop settings.