Sentence Examples

  • Sand it and round the corners and you have a safe and comfortable tabletop that you can anchor to an old piece of furniture, electrical cable reel, or a base you build yourself.
  • If you have a lot of paper, for instance, you might want to consider a paper organizer that sits on a tabletop, or you might need a plastic box that will go under your bed to store these items.
  • Chairs sliding across the floor, candlesticks and lamps gliding over a tabletop or doors opening and closing without anyone in the video may reveal paranormal activity.
  • The fence, the part that you slide the wood against when you feed it into the saw, is a great cutting tool and is considered equally as important as the tabletop.
  • These can take the place of the family photos on the mantle for one season, or can be used to decorate a buffet, unused tabletop or even the bathroom countertop!