Sentence Examples

  • He did good service in systematizing the operational laws of algebra, and in throwing light upon the nature and use of imaginaries.
  • By whatever term we choose to call it - Classification, Arrangement, Systematizing or Taxonomy - that inquiry which has for its object the discovery of the natural groups into which birds fall, and the mutual relations of those groups, has :,always been one of the deepest interest.
  • The Associated Charities is an incorporated organization for systematizing the various charities of the city.
  • The issue of this circular by subscribing firms, on the basis of particulars collected by brokers appointed at a weekly meeting, gave rise in 1841 to the Cotton Brokers' Association, to which the development of the market by the systematizing of procedure is largely due.
  • Fresenius, the founder of the Zeitschrift fiir analytische Chemie (1862), we are particularly indebted for perfecting and systematizing the various methods of analytical chemistry.

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