Sentence Examples

  • More serious, however, than this excessive love of synchronism is his almost pedantic anxiety to edify.
  • His great wealth was left mainly to the two families that he had in Russia and Greece; but a sum was reserved for Hissarlik, where Dorpfeld in 1891 and 1892, by clearing away the debris of the former excavations, exposed the great walls of the sixth stratum which Schliemann had called Lydian, and proved their synchronism with Mycenae, and identity with Mycenaean remains; that is to say, with Homer's Troy, if Troy ever was.
  • This is said to have hapC, pened in 356 B.C. on the October night on which Alexander the Great came into the world, and, as Hegesias said, the goddess herself was absent, assisting at the birth; but the exactness of this portentous synchronism makes the date suspect.
  • (when interpreted on the assumption stated above), and another at 2lephantine of an uncertain year of Tethmosis III., tally well with each other (1550-1546, 1474-1470 nc.) and with the Babylonian synchronism (not yet accurately determined) under Amenhotp IV.
  • - A terminus ad quem for the Baptism is the synchronism of the first Passover mentioned after it with the forty-sixth year of the building of Herod's Temple.

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