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  • The group has until recent years been regarded as comprising three classes distinguished by well-marked physiological featuresthe Algae (including the Seaweeds) which contain chlorophyll, the Fungi which have no chlorophyll and therefore lead a saprophytic or parasitic mode of life, and the Lichens which are composite organisms consisting of an alga and a fungus living together in a mutual parasitism (symbiosis); Bacteria were regarded as a section of Fungi.
  • Symbiosis.Though green plants thus possess a very complete mechanism for the manufacture of their different foodstuffs, it is not always exercised to the fullest extent.
  • Such a relationship is known as symbiosis, and the large majority of the cases of so-called parasitism among green plants can be referred to it.
  • The union taking place underground, while the bulk of both partners in the symbiosis rises into the air, renders the association a little difficult to see, but there is no doubt that the plants in question do afford each other assistance, forming, as it were, a kind of partnership. The most pronounced case of parasitism, that of Cuscuta, the dodder, which infests particularly clover fields, appears to differ only in degree from those mentioned, for the plant, bare of leaves as it is yet contair.s a little chlorophyll.
  • Many other cases of symbiosis have been investigated with some completeness, especially those in which lower plants than the Phanerogams are concerned.

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