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  • 7764 (1890)] decomposes sulphocyanides by fusing with zinc: the zinc is heated with a small quantity of carbon and when completely fused potassium sulphocyanide is added, the mass being well stirred and heated until it thickens and begins to turn red; finally it is allowed to cool out of contact with air, lixiviated with water, the solution decanted, and evaporated to a paste in vacuo.
  • The potassium sulphocyanide is obtained from ammonium sulphocyanide, which is formed by washing crude coal gas with water containing suspended sulphur.
  • Ind., 1893, 13, p. 887) digest carbon bisulphide with ammonia and lime in quantities slightly in excess of those demanded by the following equation: 2CS 2 + 2NH 3 + 2Ca(OH) 2 = Ca(SCN) 2 Ca(SH)2+4H20; the product is then treated with a current of carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate being precipitated, sulphuretted hydrogen escaping, and calcium sulphocyanide remaining in solution.
  • The sulphocyanide is converted into the potassium salt by adding potassium sulphate, and finally desulphurized by lead, zinc, or iron.
  • In addition to these methods, the nitriles of the aromatic series may be prepared by distilling the aromatic acids with potassium sulphocyanide: C 6 H 5 CO 2 H -{- [[Kcns = Hcns -}- C6h5c02k, C 6 H 5 Co 2 H -}- Hcns = C 6 H 5 Cn]] -fH 2 S + C02; from the primary aromatic amines by converting them into diazonium salts, which are then decomposed by boiling with potassium cyanide and copper sulphate; by fusing the potassium salts of the sulphonic acids with potassium cyanide; by leading cyanogen gas into a boiling hydrocarbon in the presence of aluminium chloride (A.

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