Sentence Examples

  • Aqueous and alcoholic solutions of ammonia convert carbon bisulphide into ammonium dithiocarbamate, which readily breaks down into ammonium thiocyanate and sulphuretted hydrogen (A.
  • For example, when a solution of a ferric salt is added to a solution of potassium thiocyanate, a deep red coloration is produced, owing to the formation of ferric thiocyanate.
  • But it is found that even when more than sixty times the amount of potassium thiocyanate required by this equation is added, a portion of the ferric nitrate still remains unconverted, doubtless owing to the occurrence of the reverse change Fe (CNS) 3 +3KNOs =Fe(N03) 3+3KCNS.
  • Chromic thiocyanate, Cr(SCN) 3, an amorphous deliquescent mass, is formed by dissolving the hydroxide in thiocyanic acid and drying over sulphuric acid.
  • The double thiocyanate, Cr(SCN) 3.3KCNS 4H 2 O, is also known.

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