Sentence Examples

  • Power walking following a stressful event can help you unwind and relax, while power walking before an anxiety-causing meeting or event will boost your self-confidence, increase your focus, and minimize mental and physical anxiety symptoms.
  • You have many options for anger management classes that can help you learn what angers you, what to do when you are in an anger-provoking situation, and why changing your reactions to stressful events can greatly improve your life.
  • Anxiety is a relatively normal reaction in certain stressful circumstances, but when the anxiety and worry becomes so consuming that a person has a difficult time functioning this may be classified as generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Even if a physician is recommending a less stressful job for health reasons, consider that peace of mind and attitude play critical roles in combating stress induced problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • You may need the help of a doctor or mental health professional to get to the root of your stress and to help you determine better ways to relax and cope with stress or to get yourself out of a stressful situation, if necessary.