Sentence Examples

  • The Jewish refugees had turned the balance, and so Judas became strategus of Judaea, whilst Menelaus was put to death.
  • The Persian invaders, and was elected strategus for the year 4 80 -479.
  • In 479 he was re-elected strategus, and invested with special powers as commander of the Athenian contingent at Plataea; he is also said to have judiciously suppressed a conspiracy among some oligarchic malcontents in the army, and to have played a prominent part in arranging for the celebration of the victory.
  • The satrapic administration was retained by Alexander and his successors, especially in the Seleucid empire, where the satrap generally is designated as strategus; but their provinces were much smaller than under the Persians.
  • Strategus), dwindled away into matters of routine.

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