Sentence Examples

  • (Mystery, paragraph 12, p. 402.) When we add to these and other proofs the strange lists of memoranda in the middle of the pages of the letter, and the breach in internal chronology which was apparently caused by Mary's writing, on her second day, on the clean verso of a page on the other side of which she had written some lines during her first night in Glasgow; when we add the dramatic changes of her mood, and the heart-breaking evidence of a remorse not stifled by lawless love, we seem compelled to believe that she wrote the whole of Letter II.; that none of it is forged.
  • Jessi stifled a laugh.
  • The fire was then kindled, and his voice as it audibly prayed in the words of the "Kyrie Eleison" was soon stifled in the smoke.
  • A similar situation in England had given birth to political liberty; but in France the great crisis of the early I5th century stifled it.
  • To make his will predominant, he stifled or did violence to that of others, through his bishops, his gendarmes, his university, his press, his catechism.

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