Sentence Examples

  • Reciprocating PiecesStrokeDead-P o-jnts.T he distance between the extremities of the path of the connected point in a reciprocating piece (such as the piston of a steam-engine) is called the stroke or length of stroke of, that piece.
  • Let C~ be the axis, and Ti the connected point of the beam of a steam-engine; TiTi the connecting or crank-rod; T2 the other connected point, and the centre of the; C!
  • The steam-engine first took the place of horses as a threshing power in 1803, but it was not until after 1850 that it was applied to the plough and cultivator.
  • It was here that, on his invitation, James Watt constructed a model of his steam-engine, which was tested in a now disused colliery.
  • When it is connected with a continuously turning piece (such as the crank of a steam-engine) the ends of the stroke of the reciprocating piece correspond to the d.ead-points of the path of the connected point of the turning piece, where the line of connection is continuous with or coincides with the crank-arm.