Sentence Examples

  • CHARLES III., the Simple (879-929), king of France, was a posthumous son of Louis the Stammerer and of his second wife Adelaide.
  • MICHAEL called Psellus, "the stammerer," emperor 820-829, was a native of Amorium in Phrygia, who began life as a private soldier, but rose by his talents to the rank of general.
  • BALBUS, literally "stammerer," the name of several Roman families.
  • He was succeeded by his son Louis the Stammerer, the child of Ermentrude, daughter of a count of Orleans,whom he had married in 842, and who had died in 869.
  • From an imaginary old Saxon word beggen, " to beg" or "pray," an explanation adopted even by Mosheim, or from begue, " stammering," a French word of unknown origin, which only brings us back to Lambert again, whose name of Le Begue, as the chronicler Aegidius, a monk of Orval (Aureae Vallis), tells us, simply means "the stammerer," quia balbus erat (Gesta pontificum Leodiensium, c. A.D.

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