Sentence Examples

  • Dean passed along the information on the two hoods staking out Vinnie's apartment.
  • Fred sat down on the sofa, staking out his territory, letting the world know he had every intention of sticking around.
  • But Charles Charles Albert, who, whatever his faults, had a generous Albertre- nature, was determined that so long as be had an news the army in being he could not abandon the Lombards War, and the Venetians, whom he had encouraged in their resistance, without one more effort, though he knew full well that he was staking all on a desperate chance.
  • - Pruning, staking up or mulching can be done if the weather is such that the workmen can stand out.
  • All plants that require staking, such as dahlias, roses, gladioli and many herbaceous plants, should now be looked to.