Sentence Examples

  • No matter if you operate a small office home office as a sole proprietor, or a own a small business with 100 employees on a network, spyware can negatively impact your productivity, and a loss of productivity means a loss of money.
  • Security issues, mainly spyware and virus attacks, are better handled with newer machines, as long as anti spyware and anti virus tools are installed on a "clean" machine--one that is brand new out of the box.
  • As with software, prevention is the key to dealing with this type of spyware, because new attacks occur every day, keeping anti-spyware program developers busy developing new codes to protect user computers.
  • Although downloading funny Christmas wallpaper may seem like a harmless activity, some sites have been known to include adware, spyware, and other unwanted computer programs in with their wallpaper designs.
  • With spyware, the thief actually accesses the files on your computer or logs your keystrokes in order to take personal information you either have saved on your machine or typed in while you're on the Web.