Sentence Examples

  • Bintang has an area of about 440 sq m., and is surrounded by many rocks and small islands, making navigation dangerous.
  • G, prefrontal; M, maxilla; J, poison-fang; Tr, transpalatine; Pt, pterygoid; p, palatine; Q, quadrate; Sq, squamosal; Pm, premaxilla; T.a, articular; Pe and Di, muscles.
  • Its surface measures 1325 sq m.; it,has a length of 255 m.
  • Putting q=a+,61+yj+bk, Hamilton calls a the scalar part of q, and denotes it by Sq; he also writes Vq for 01+yj+b �, which is called the vector part of q.
  • Thus every quaternion may be written in the form q = Sq+Vq, where either Sq or Vq may separately vanish; so that ordinary algebraic quantities (or scalars, as we shall call them) and pure vectors may each be regarded as special cases of quaternions.

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