Sentence Examples

  • You will see soldiers getting their heads chopped off, with blood spilt everywhere and numerous corpses of recently killed opponents.
  • Critical reactions were decidedly spilt after the release.
  • However, from that painful spilt, this celebrity found the will to redirect her energies, and the Jessica Simpson swimsuit collection was born.
  • Hover over your category and you'll find each one spilt into different sections allowing you to drill down further to browse only dress shoes, only athletic shoes, and so on.
  • He weighed out a lump of gold and of silver of the same weight as the crown; and, immersing the three in succession in water, he found they spilt over measures of water in the ratio:: A or 33: 24: 44; thence it follows that the gold: silver alloy of the crown was as I I: 9 by weight.

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