Sentence Examples

  • The doctrine of the sphericity of the earth was still held by the more learned, but the heads of the church held it to be unscriptural.
  • Lambert, indeed, seems to have believed in the sphericity of the earth.
  • In the same way, the elementary conception of the sphere involves the idea of sphericity, which would be tested in a similar way, and is in fact so tested, at an early stage by tactual perception, and at a more advanced stage by mechanical methods; the next step being the circularity of the central section, as roughly tested (where the sphere is small) by visual perception, i.e.
  • The doctrine of the sphericity of 1 Ein mathematisches Handbuch der alten Aegypter (Leipzig, 1877).
  • For example, as he says, the sphericity of the moon is the real ground of the fact of its light waxing; but we can deduce either from the other, as follows: - i.

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