Sentence Examples

  • You're talking more than the everyone-is-a-snowflake paradigm?
  • Snowflake must be the little white doe you decided to keep.
  • Snowflake had taken the ordeal with remarkable ease, but Penny was using every ploy in the book.
  • Who has not seen a salt fish, thoroughly cured for this world, so that nothing can spoil it, and putting the perseverance of the saints to the blush? with which you may sweep or pave the streets, and split your kindlings, and the teamster shelter himself and his lading against sun, wind, and rain behind it--and the trader, as a Concord trader once did, hang it up by his door for a sign when he commences business, until at last his oldest customer cannot tell surely whether it be animal, vegetable, or mineral, and yet it shall be as pure as a snowflake, and if it be put into a pot and boiled, will come out an excellent dun-fish for a Saturday's dinner.
  • It included snowflakes made from foil, and an isometric snowflake created out of silver baubles, suspended at the base of the Eye.

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